About Us

About Us
If you are struggling to find a ghostwriter, or a reliable SEO service, you have landed in the right place. At Writer4me we ghostwrite just about anything! You can find a ghost writer for your book, blog, site, screenplay or memoir under the same roof.

Writer4me.com comes from Writer4Me Digital Media, one of the fastest growing media groups of US, UK, and India, owning several important websites, with a team of talented in-house staff members working from our head office location. Writer4me.com is the world’s most popular ‘hire a ghostwriter’ service according to Alexa.com. Our expert writers include bestseller writers, with experience of writing bestseller books, editing top of the chart magazines, some with the background of working with BBC, National Geographic Channel, and as Wikipedia editors, having professionally written the web content of hundreds of websites, heavily downloaded ebooks, highly appreciated books. The same team has also gone into the record-books as being responsible for releasing the first and largest selling Indian language greeting cards. No wonder the SEO service, legal service and virtual assistant service provided by this team will be much acclaimed.

Besides providing affordable ghostwriting services for everyone, Writer4me also offers the services of bestseller, world-class, award winning icon writers, who have worked with celebrities. To find out more about hiring Icon Writers, click here.

About the founder, Pinaki Ghosh
  • Written over 80 Wikipedia articles.
  • Editor of The Freethinker magazine
  • Author of 8 books including bestsellers & over 50 ebooks.
  • Worked with BBC Television (film Desi DNA, directed by Sangeeta
    Sahdev, between April-May 2007)
  • Worked with National Geographic Channel in 2005.
  • Worked with Channel 4 (UK) for the film Gurubusters in 1995.
  • 10 yrs experienced as a writer; tied up with a renowned UK media group
    in 2006.
  • Written content of over 150 websites.
  • Vice President of Rationalists’ Association of India.
First bestseller at 17
Pinaki wrote his first 400 page bestseller at the age of 17. That was the 1st turning point in his life. The book was a commercial success, and remained in the top 10 charts for 46 weeks. He was still in school then. Pinaki became a regular contributor of many of the major and best magazines of the market, contributing fiction as well as nonfiction. Between 1995 and 2000 he wrote three major books. Pinaki ventured as a movie director and in 1998 when he directed his first mini series for Doordarshan, the no 1 Asian television channel by popularity. This work for children was appreciated and he was hired by Channel 4 (UK) in 1995 for their production, Gurubusters.
Pioneer of Indian language greeting cards
In 1999 Pinaki carefully studied the greeting card market of the 100 billion population India. He found out that the market was huge and was controlled by few players and largely dominated by English language greeting cards. He decided to try out Indian language greeting cards for this enormous market. In 2000 he launched the world’s first Bengali (Bangla) language greeting cards that were out of stock in 7 days. They had to be reprinted on the 8th day. His brand became the no 1 selling Indian greeting card brand, and is still the no. 1.
Working with BBC, National Geographic Channel and Wikipedia
After working with National Geographic Channel in 2005, for the X-Men series, Pinaki focused fully into writing. He had become busy as a web content writer by the end of 2005, writing simultaneously for about 20 websites every month. From web content to sales pages; books to ebooks— he was working on all.

Pinaki became associated with Wikipedia from 2005, and wrote over 80 articles for Wikipedia, related mostly to literature, books, authors and India.

Pinaki Worked with BBC television for the film Desi DNA in May 2007, directed by Snageeta Sahdev. It was telecast in August 2007.

As a ghostwriter of celebrities
Pinaki has worked as a ghostwriter for celebrities like top American and Indian movie stars to UK politicians. He helped them ghostwrite their books and memoirs. At present a major section of the clients of Writer4me are celebrities. To find a ghostwriter who is world class, clelbrities depend heavily on Writer4me.
Teaming up with UK

When Pinaki was getting busier with increased requests of writing and ghost writing, he understood what he needed was a team of talented writers. He had teamed up with a UK media group to co-ordinate their editorial division using his team of writers.

Writer4me resulted as an outcome. The aim was to help people find and hire a ghostwriter without burning a hole in the pocket. Earlier, to ghostwrite a book one would have to shell out a heafty price equivalent to purchasing a new house. Writer4me changed the defination of ghost writing services, making ‘find a ghost writer’ a lot more affordable for anyone.

As an Editor
Pinaki acted as the Editor and columnist of several major websites. Presently writer4me team edits several popular websites.
Works within India

Besides launching the world’s 1st Bengali greeting cards, Pinaki has regularly written for magazines like Sananda (number 1 women’s magazine in Eastern India), Unish Kuri (number 1 teen magazine in Eastern India) and Anandamela, one of the oldest and most popular magazines for children in India.