Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Who is a ghostwriter?
A. A Ghostwriter is one who writes on behalf of someone else. Often celebrities, busy people, blog owners and others hire ghostwriters to write on their behalf. To know more, read our blog.

Q. Do you maintain confidentiality?
A. Full confidentiality is maintained by us for ghostwriting projects.

Q. Who owns the copyright of the content?
A. You do! On full payment of the project fees, the copyright gets transferred to your name.

Q. Do you charge royalty on sales of the books you write?
A. No. We take a one-time payment (project fees), and you earn the royalties.

Q. Can you write on any subject?
A. We have a large team of writers who specialize on various subjects; and as such they are able to cover almost all subjects. Discuss your project with us, giving detailed project guidelines to know more.

Q. How do I describe my requirement to you/the writer?
A. Mail us about (a) your choice of service (b) list of topics, or vivid description of contents (c) helpful links and attachments if any (d) you can also send us audio inputs via messaging services like WhatsApp. It is particularly handy for biography writing projects.

Q. What if I do not like what you deliver?
A. Our system of working makes these chances very slim. We send you the work in instalments, and you can let the writer/designer know your views about it. so, even the project is going off the track, after your feedback, it comes back to the right track.

Q. Do you take the project fees in advance?
A. For small projects we take the project fees in advance. For projects costing above $500, it can be paid in 2 – 3 instalments; the 1st instalment being an advance payment.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can pay using PayPal, your credit card, debit card, bank to bank wire transfer.

Q. Do you also write content for porn sites?
A. No.

Q. I don’t find thesis-writing among your writing services. Why don’t you write thesis and college essays?
A. We believe in a society which comprises of powerful human beings, who are professionals by their own merit. If we write the thesis on your behalf (which we can), the society will produce incomplete professionals; which is dangerous. So, spare us from this.