Ok, so you want to earn money online from your e-books?

Here are some very useful tips you can use to set up your own e-books. Let’s go step-by-step and learn how you can sell your e-books online…I’m sure you will find it damn simple and easy to follow.
Now, let’s get started…

Use your Knowledge- Think about your passions…hobbies…your likings…and the subjects you are you well-informed about. Start thinking laterally.

Do the research- Find out whether there is a market for your product. Do this before you start writing. Be aware whether people are really searching online for the subject you have selected.

Particulars of your target customers- Know who your customers are, their ages, pastimes, needs, desires and loathes.

Keep in your mind the following points-

Purpose of your e-book.

The way it will work.

The cost.

Whether there is any free information with it?

Features of the book.

The paybacks.

What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

The problem(s) it solves.

What is exclusive about it?

Your prospects.

For consumers, what are the main interests it appeals to?

Demographics…age, gender, income level, countries, cities/suburbs etc.

Psychographics: interests, way of life, hobbies, buying history, associations they belong to.

Your secondary prospects: Know about your competitors… compare your product, service, price; terms etc…and find out your strongest and weakest point.

Ideas-If you’re struggling for ideas, head along to clickbank.com and click on the marketplace link to start looking through the categories of e-books. Keep in your mind that there is no point writing an e-book which lacks quality. So, work hard on good quality content. Doesn’t matter even if you don’t have time to research and write it yourself .You can always hire a writer from www.writer4me.com the topmost ghostwriting site as per alexa, which offers you this service at an unbelievably low price.

Your hosting account-Now, you have either engaged a ghostwriter to write your e-book or authored it by yourself; your next step is to decide the title of the e-book and register a domain alike the title and set up your hosting account. As for example, if your title is “How to start up your own e-business?”, your domain name could be howtostartupebusiness.com.

Create your graphics-There can be numerous ways to do this. In the internet, there are plethoras of free resources if you want to do this yourself. And if you really intend to turn your product into a highly specialized looking package, you can always take into service a professional organization like www.designer-india.com that will do that for you at a price very much fitting your bill. You can also add one of your images to your e-Book to brand it and turn it into a PDF file.

Make your sales copy-After you finish your research; the next most important step is to grasp a credible and swaying sales copy. You can do it in two ways.
Either, you can write it by yourself or hire a copywriter. If you get it right, you could easily make $20000 by selling an e-book. Sometimes even more!

So, here you are! Your e-book, domain name, website and fully finished product. is now ready to launch. Now, you need sell it.

Find affiliates to promote your e-book-You can enlist the help of sites who will sell your e-book for you. As for instance, clickbank.com has publishers and affiliates who look for e-books and new products to promote. Remember that, you need to pay a one off fee to activate your digital product and get yourself listed in their market place before you can sell your product through clickbank.

Now, you got to find your affiliates. You can do this manually by typing out the keyword of the industry you want to find affiliates for in the Google, scan through all the websites in the search results and send them an email asking whether they wish to become JV (Joint Venture) partners. As you find your e-book reaching out to more and more people, it will be found by other websites and webmasters, who will start promoting it for you. Here, you pay a charge every time someone makes a sale for you. Another way is by getting a copy of Affiliate Elite. This software can help you in finding affiliates and sites to promote your e-book.

Here are some advantages of using clickbank…
An already set up Shopping Cart
Get paid via check
Battery of affiliates is geared up to promote your product
A well-established brand name
It uses PayPal which is widely accepted.
It directs the customer to your product page automatically
On your behalf it handles any refunds for your product

Free vs. paid e-books

Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Some advantages of free e-books-

It’s free to the customer.

It can get hold of names and email addresses for future mailings.

Helps in building relationships with your customers.

You can offer backend offers through it

Free e-books spread like wildfire.

At the bottom of your book, you can add your website URL to pass on your marketing message.

Build up a list of people who are interested in your specific niche.

The disadvantages…

You cannot earn directly from it, as it’s free.

It’s expensive, if you have paid for the graphics and sales copy.

Here you have to do all the promotional work because you can’t use affiliates to drive traffic to your sales page.

People may doubt your contents as it’s free.

Advantages of paid e-books

You can use affiliates to do the advertising.
Every time it sells, you can earn money.
You can reinvest the money you earn from the e-book sale to your future ventures or even to enhance traffic to your offer.
You can use Clickbank to manage with all sales and dealings.

Disadvantages of paid e-books

If in case your e-book doesn’t meet the standard, you may have to give back a high refund

If it’s too expensive, chance is that people won’t buy it because they can get the information in another place, maybe without parting with a single penny.

Sell it at the right price-This is very crucial and holds one of the most vital keys to see our e-book through. Do lots of research on the available e-books on similar subjects and the price they sell it. Make a meticulous study of the price vis-à-vis the quality including the design and the number of pages.

Build-up a marketing hype- This is another key factor of a successful e-book campaign. Just do it and see the result by yourself. You are going to sell many more copies than you would have without the hype…that’s for sure.

Use autoresponders- Remember, this saves a hell lot of time and effort of yours in the long run. Just write an email once and get that uploaded to your autoresponder. Once you do this, it will reach each and every customer, once he/she enters your mailing list. This takes place automatically. It’s all up to you to set the frequency of your emails. It can everyday, weekly or monthly.

The above tips coupled with a well turned-out research from your end, can really be helpful to shoot up the sale of your e-books within no time.
There are some clickbank affiliates who are getting more than $30,000 per month selling e-books.
What they do is, they spot a “slot”, do a detailed research and then write the information product or e-book exclusively to crack a problem for that “slot.”

Therefore, once you are done with your pre launch phase, what remains is to build up your Joint Ventures and Affiliate partners to keep up your sales.

So, if you’re serious about starting a lucrative home business, you can opt for earning through e-books, and this article is surely going to help you in that.

Remember, not many online businesses make you money while you sleep!