Let’s first see what E-commerce means…

The concept was first developed in the 1960s. Simply speaking, it’s doing business through electronic media. E-commerce uses simple, fast and low-cost electronic communications of transactions, where you don’t meet the party face to face. At present, it is mainly done through Internet and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). With the wide use of computer, the maturity and the wide adoption of Internet, the penetration of credit cards, the establishment of secure transaction agreement and the support and promotion by governments, the development of E-Commerce is becoming prosperous, with people starting to use electronic means as the media of doing business

E-commerce is changing the way you do business…Some facts!

• Let me tell you that E-commerce has transformed the Internet from a source of recreation and information into a machine with incredible profit and cost savings potential. But how? Do you know that with a custom built e-commerce solution; you will save money by reducing time and labor costs while improving customer communication. Whether you need a small e-commerce add-on to your existing site or a complete turn-key solution, www.writer4me.com has the knowledge and resources to meet your needs and expectations.

• Through E-Commerce your business gets the interactive ability to place goods and services on the Internet where the customer can search, select and purchase products online instantly. Not only that, it opens a whole new distribution channel, accessing new customers, with new products and services. Furthermore, it has virtually no overheads and offers global reach to your business. The range of E-commerce solutions now is wide to suit every size of business, and budget.

• Shopping On-Line is perhaps the most common form of E-Commerce. Creating a virtual sales store gives your products or services the required access to global markets. Also, it allows the scope to compete with larger rivals on a more level playing field.

• E-Commerce does not mean that you need to change your business. It requires budding your business procedures to improve your overall competence and build stronger customer relationships. It is like setting-up a small delivery sector in your business just to get by with your newly established fast-growing Internet sales. Isn’t that exciting?

• Solutions from top most sites like www.writer4me.com provide all the mechanism required to help improve your business’s performance using the power and flexibility of Internet technologies. It designs a tailor-made solution to suit your specific needs.

Benefits of E-Commerce
Here are some …
• Internet now penetrates into almost every corner of the world. So, don’t worry even if your business is small. You can form global relationships with your trading partners everywhere in the world. High-speed network makes geographical distance trivial .

• You can gather round information on products, buyers and competitors through Internet so as to increase your own business edge.

• You can establish close contact with your customers through Internet by providing the latest information on products and services round the clock. On the other hand, data can be updated at anytime, eliminating the problem of out-dated information.

• It provides you with many markets in the cyber world and plentiful chances for product promotion.

• You can use the multi-media capabilities to build up your corporate image and brand names.

• Thorough and precise sales data from internet can help to reduce stock level and thus the operating expenses.

• Detailed client information such as mode of consumption, personal preferences and purchasing power, etc. can help you to set your marketing strategies more effectively.

Types of E-Commerce

• Electronic network within the company: through Intranet, people can exchange and handle business information internally.

• Business-to-Business (B2B): This is the one which deserves the most attention. As estimated by Forrester Research this has the greatest potential for growth.

• Business-to-Consumer (B2C): This provides your consumers with online shopping through Internet. This type of offering saves time for both retailers and consumers.

• Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C): Consumers can post their own products online through some agent websites for other consumers to bid.
Apart from these there are other types like Government to Business (G2B) and Government to Customers (G2C).

Most important-How do you gain customers?

• Today, people are working longer hours and have fewer days off. The biggest marketing tool of E-Commerce is that it gives your business the 24*7 edge. An E-commerce solution provider like www.writer4me.com takes care of your on-line trading requirements and provide tailor made search engine optimization services to enable you to gain customers from search engines such as Google, AltaVista, Yahoo and HotBot.

• Further what you get there are experienced Website Designers to develop the initial layout using your company logo, colors, graphics, images, sounds and video to create a “corporate image” and present your company in the right light. This gives your business a fresh face-lift.

• You can have a customer support service on-line, by creating on-line help pages for your products or services. This saves setting up 24-hour telephone lines and extra staff thus saving you time and money.

• You can have innovative ways to portray a good “neighborhood” atmosphere on-line. These can include discussion forums, chat rooms, FAQ’s, and product trouble-shooting feedback pages..all shaped by your customers. How easy is that !

It’s Easy!
Credible solution providers like www.writer4me.com, www.Fusionsoft.co.uk etc. can put together your on hand database, order process and supply management systems. All information is protected and all data is backed-up on regular basis.
The choice is yours… get an on-line catalogue website made by a backyard company … OR get an absolute integrated E-business package with an organization like www.writer4me.com which not only includes marketing your product but also adopting structural changes to your business to cope with the new flood of sales.