You might have nurtured for long to write a book..get it published…be known as an author… you have the talents but not the publisher.

But you know the world awaits your talents to bloom and is more than willing to pay for it.
Do you know what the blockbuster books “The Celestine Prophecy,” “The One-Minute Manager” and John Grisham’s “A Time to Kill” have in common?
All these best-sellers were initially self-published.

At one time, self-publication, or the “Vanity Press,” as it’s called, had been glared upon by most. But now, the arrival of print-on-demand publishing has virtually revolutionized the publishing world. Today, it is the self-publication which has become the perfect low-cost solution for writers. Through self-publication, you can aim a specific audience and maintain complete control over your books. charges $5.81 for one book of 64 pages (A5 B&W, Saddle Stitch) whereas it would take as little as $3.5, to get your professional-quality book of the same specification published by And, your published book would be ready to hit the market around the world in only a few weeks.

Once a rarity, self-publishing, has almost become the order of the day. Today you can find numerous aspiring authors like you footing the bill and getting their own creations printed.
According to the figures available from the Publishers Marketing Association, of the 165,000 titles published annually, 40,000 are autonomously published. This results to more than $26 billion in sales. And with the launch of new technologies, there had been a sharp cut in book-making costs.
So, as an would-be writer, you simply do not need to knock the door of any traditional publisher. Instead, you do everything… from choosing a cover and financing printing to selling and managing publicity.

Some facts for you
•Robert Kiyosaki, of Phoenix and his co-author, Sharon Lechter, sold 1.5 million copies of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in three years, their self-published work before they graduated to Warner Books.

•Natasha Munson of Atlanta sold over 20,000 copies of “Life Lessons for My Black Girls: How to Make Wise Choices and Live a Life You Love!” , a book that was published by her through an Internet-based company.

•Dan Poynter, of Santa Barbara, Calif., has written and published 29 books, including “The Self-Publishing Manual,” which has sold 175,000 copies over 25 years.