Before you know about the earning potential at “web”, let’s have a quick look at the basics..
Looking back
The whole story started rolling in 1991, when the first online webpage created by Tim Berners-Lee appeared. It was on 30th April, 1993, World Wide Web was declared free for all..

What’s this?
You may well define a website as a collection of pages, images or videos that is hosted on one or several server(s), and can be accessed through internet, cell phone or LAN.
Those websites which are accessible to public are seen collectively as constituting the “World Wide Web” (WWW).

Not all are free
There are sites related to business, news, academics, games, message boards, social networking and stock-market data, which you may need to subscibe to reach to a part or all of their content.

Why yo need to be there?

•To reach the audience. The figure is 50 million worldwide, which is on the rise with every passing day.
•To display images of your product or service and thus generating sales leads
•Your competitors are there.
•You can save your manpower cost, which you would have otherwise spent on your sales force.
To make money out of it…
•It can be done in two ways…you can sell your own products if you have a business or you can earn out of advertising on your site for other companies.
•This can happen only if your site is “saleable” in web, created and managed by an experienced and 100% professional group .
•Anywhere you go on the net, you will come across advertisements. The moment you click on these ads and enter the site, the advertiser earns money. So, if your website has enough traffic going through it, it adds up to your income.

You can use advertisements of various types.
Basically they are:
Per click – You get paid for every click someone does.
Per view – Every time the ad is displayed on your page, you get paid.
Per action-This is when you get paid when a visitor signs up for something in the advertiser’s site.

• Putting the message across

Compare a web site to a shop. You won’t walk into a shop unless it looks attractive. Once you are in, the atmosphere needs to be pleasant otherwise you will not want to spend time in it to appreciate the products it offers. It is also important that the you can find easily what you are looking for otherwise you will go to another shop.

A web site too is like a shop. If the site is dull, people will not want to go in and have a look. Long download times and flashing things will irritate them. They will get even more irritated if they have difficulties finding what they are looking for.

In practical terms a web site needs to be user friendly, clear and easy to navigate. It needs to present good information about your product and make the visitor want to “buy” the product or use your services.

The majority of websites fail to do so.

  • Be easy to find
    There are over web pages in the world and hundreds of millions of web sites. This means that you have to do something to make your site easily found by people.
    The best way to is to obtain a good placement in the major search engines. And it is free! But remember, just a mere registration of your site won’t help much.
    The strategies to get a good placement are now far far more complex, and only a professional group like with over 10 years of rock solid experience in the field and can take you there. And remember, No visitors = No Internet Business.

Search Engine Optimization is a major consideration when we create a new web site. We can also optimize your existing site so that will achieve better rankings in search results.

Besides, your site must have clarity, briefness, consistency, grammatical accuracy and good integration with the site design.
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