Have you been thinking of increasing your income by at about 500%? If your answer is ‘yes’, you are not daydreaming for sure. Authoring a book on your subject can establish you as an expert of your subject. If you can project yourself as an expert of your subject, you can easily hike your rate by 500%.

What if you cannot write a book, or are too busy to write? There is indeed a simple solution. Hire a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is one who writes on behalf of someone else. Often politicians, leadership trainers, business heads, and also established authors hire ghostwriters to write books on their behalf.

After you hire a ghostwriter, you have to give an outline of the book to the ghostwriter. Established ghostwriting services, such as Writer4me.com, will provide you with professional ghostwriters, who can help you, enhance your image by writing a best seller in the subject of your choice.

•    With a book, you can easily elevate your image in front of the world. People all over the world will understand the depth of your knowledge and appreciate your understanding of that particular subject.
•    The ghostwriter will write the book precisely on the guidelines you will provide… so, the book will be pretty much what you want.
•    Your earning increases directly and indirectly. You will be able to earn royalty from the sale of books. This is direct earning. If you self publish it, you will be able to sell the book through various marketing channels and gain the reputation of a popular seller writer.
•    When you project yourself as a published author, you will be seen with added respect. You will find it easy, even in this slowdown, to hike your professional fees. This is indirect earning.
•    Authoring a book will also open the gate to the world of intellectuals and you will be a part of the best and most appreciated minds.
•    The cost of hiring the ghostwriter of your choice is not much if you consider the fame, glory, authority and hike in income which follows.

That explains why ghostwriters always had a steady market for hundreds of years.