Have you ever thought of making a movie on your own screenplay? Many of you must have had this wish for a long time, but may be due to lack of time you have not been able to write a screenplay of your own. But now, there is good news for all of you. Premiere ghostwriting services such as Writer4me.com are providing the services of screenplay writer affordably, mainly keeping student filmmakers in mind. All of you, who had the hidden ambition of writing a screenplay of your own, can now fulfill that dream by spending just about $2500.

Here are the steps:
•    Think of a unique subject for your film. Write a short summary, synopsis or storyline of the screenplay that you have in your mind.
•    Then hire a screenplay writer. This professional writer will be able to convert your storyline into a full fledged screenplay economically. You will be able to get the screenplay that you have always wanted to write.
•    The stage before writing the actual screenplay is called the ‘treatment’ and reads like a long short story or novel.
•    Be in touch with the screenplay writer and be informed about the progress of the screenplay every week. You can very well offer your suggestions and ideas to the writer, who will be incorporating them in the screenplay that is being written for you.
•    Pay the screenplay writer in 3 installments – 1/3 advance to get the screenplay project started, 1/3 on submission of 50% work and 1/3 after you get the complete work. Give all your worries and ideas to the screenplay writer and sit back waiting for the screenplay to arrive in your mail box.

So, write down the summary of the movie you have in mind and hand it over to a professional screenplay writer, today!