An announcement!

Leading ghostwriter hire organization launches their ebook marketplace where anyone can sell their e-books for no setup cost.

Opening a new door to its service,, the premier ghostwriting platform today introduced their e-book marketplace that allows anyone to sell their E-books with zero set up cost.

“It’s another value added to our service; very easy and effective, practically for all…even someone without an E-book can avail the service, we shall get it ready for them including the cover design. Else, anyone can upload a book including the cover design from our site, set the price and buy, sell or share his or her work.” says Peter Power, spokesman of the company.

For the first time, customers participating in an E-book marketplace have the opportunity to get the entire set ready by the company and reach the fast growing market of E-book readers.

For just $5 one can avail featured listing to showcase her/his ebook to the maximum number of visitors.

As Power says, “Our intention is to provide our users with the most useful tools to help them profit from their creative works…as the market for E-books continue to flourish, we want to give power to our users to utilize this valuable market in the best possible way.”

E-book marketplace is one of several recent augmentations to the wrter4me services. A fortnight back, the company has launched its self-publishing division which empowers ambitious authors all across the globe to get their work published at a price which is believed to be the lowest ever. also offers ghostwriting services at the most affordable rates; making them the “people’s ghostwriters”.