Those who have the minimum knowledge about ghostwriting know that it is an expensive affair and only people with lots of disposable income can afford it. Hiring a ghostwriter can be as expensive as buying a new car. If you visit some of the more common ghostwriting sites, you will find that the average price of ghostwriting a book starts from $20,000.

In Canada, the minimum fee charge for ghostwriting is stipulated by the Writer’s Union. The total minimum fee is as much as $25,000, for a 200 page book. This charge is besides the Research fees.

“Phew! I cannot afford that!”…is this what you are thinking? Relax! Now ghostwriting is absolutely within your reach. Believe me!

How? Outsourcing to India has made it possible.

India is a talent-rich country that offers its service at a much cheaper rate.

India has high tech facilities and the good infrastructure that is required to execute an outsourced job. Also the endless pool of English speaking workforce that provides good quality voice based services for extremely low costs results in huge savings for companies. This is the reason why most fortune 500 companies outsource jobs to India.

By outsourcing your ghostwriting jobs to India you save up to 80%. As you will find from, highly professional and talented ghostwriters whose qualities are at par or even better than their American, English or Canadian counterparts complete 200 page books against a very nominal fee.

So, such unbelievable low cost-high class ghostwriting makes outsourcing ghostwriting jobs to India the only feasible option.