If you look at the current scenario, you will find that you cannot even imagine doing any form of business, unless you take care of your presence in the cyberspace in the form of a stylish and attractive website. And yes..the more smart your website is, the more traffic you are likely to get .

Also, a perfectly designed site influences the visitor’s initial observation of your website’s value and the impression that your design makes on a visitor’s mind defines his or her actions on your website.

So, you can understand as how importance it is to design your website in the most perfect way. And when to come to web design, this importance of the word “design’ is augmented multiple times.
Before we go ahead let’s ponder over what a smart website really means.

You should keep this in mind that a good web design doesn’t simply means having an gorgeous layout.
It indicates the following too:

• An user-friendly navigation… always remember that the significance of web design lies in its ability to boost your business rather than creating obstacles.
• Relevant and well-structured information.
• Secured shopping cart.
• No unwanted distraction.
• Fast loading and search engine friendly pages.
• Pleasing interface.
• You’re easy to contact.

Here are 5 tips for you to create a perfect website:

Plan it

When you create a plan of your website, it’s going to help you in finding out its purpose. Also, it will help you to see the number of pages you will require. Once you do this, you can then study similar sites to see how they appeal to their target audience. Further, you also make a list of the tools that you may require, like, a guestbook, a message board, a chat room, a web journal or blog. You also need to think how often you plan to update your site and whether you are going to sell products from your site?

Find out the right hosting service
This depends on your individual needs. Once you have a good plan this will make the task easier. You can even check out some of the free hosting companies like bravenet.com, where you can host your website for free and learn about web-building in the process.

Get started
This is the next step. Here if you use the site builders, it can be the best way. Choose your template and then start your content. Remember, you cannot get everything in on the first attempt. And your pages can always be edited as you go along. In your tools section, you can put in e-mail forms for subscriptions or feedback like most hosting companies or just create a link to your e-mail account.
You must know that pictures and advertisements can all come at a later stage. At this stage the main priority is to get your website up and running.

Get it published
Once you complete your website the next stage is to publish it on the web. Here, you need to submit your website to various search engines. This facility you will get from your hosting company. Further, you may also be required to create keywords and metatags. You can try looking for keyword software. Now that your site is on the web you are ready to move on to the last step.

Promoting Your Website
This is the most difficult and frustrating stage. Now, your website is ready and it’s on the internet. But how do you get visitors there? There can be numerous ways. To joining a traffic system can be a very smart move. You can also use traffic swarm to promote my website and also instant buzz. Both of these can do the work for you and help to increase your traffic. To advertise can be another way. You can place advertisements for free but let me tell you, this can be really time consuming.

Now that you have the information, why not get started creating your own website.
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