It’s a well known fact that a book in the form of an autobiography or memoir or whatever from a celebrity whether he or she is a political figure, film star, sportsperson, or film director is often released with lots of fanfare. This is one of the ways the celebrities add to their fame and popularity. But to be honest, only a handful of them do the writing themselves.
Then how do they get it done?
Well, no prize for guessing this!
Yes, it’s the talented ghostwriters who do it for them, and they really don’t mind staying behind the scene.

For you here are a few and illustrious personalities who utilized ghostwriters:

• It Takes a Village and Other Lessons Children Teach Us by Hillary Clinton. This is in addition to Hillary’s memoirs Living History, which won a Grammy Award.

• Science fiction books of William Shatner.

Star Wars, though accredited to George Lucas was ghostwritten.

• Numerous novels by the famous novelist Robert Ludlum, author of The Bourne Identity.

Nancy Drew mystery series, “Carolyn Keene”, is again a pseudonym for a series of ghostwriters.

• Romance novelist V. C. Andrews hired a ghostwriter who continued to pen novels even after her death in the style that was similar to her original works.

• Action writer Tom Clancy‘s books from the 2000s had also been ghostwritten.

Wolfgang Mozart, the great music composer was paid to ghostwrite music for wealthy clientele.

• In recent times, composers such Patric Standford have ghostwritten for symphonic recordings and films such as the Rod McKuen Cello Concerto.

• Even the legendary Charlie Chaplin is known to have engaged music ghostwriter and orchestrator

• Though we know Monty Norman for the famous James bond theme, but it is claimed that John Barry was not only its orchestrator, but also the original composer.

• It is also claimed that Lola Montez, Napolean, Alexander Dumas, John F. Kennedy and W.G. Grace had also hired services of ghostwriters in some of their famous works.

So, you see here that a ghostwriter is a professional writer who’s often hired by celebrities from any field to sketch, summarize, compose or edit their work.

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