With the popularity of ghostwriting growing by each day, it’s at times confusing to select the perfect one for you.
Endless questions are likely to strike your mind about any ghostwriting site that you might come across in the cyberspace. It can be like..

Are they fine with the topic? Do they have the skills and acquaintance for a specific field, approach or subject? Will they keep a close collaboration with you? Or it doesn’t concern you at all.
Are you being offered a fair price? Yes… this is very important.
What about the quality of work? Does it meet with your expectation?
Are they going to deliver your order in time?
Can their work generate traffic to our site?

It can happen so that you are looking for a writer who has the know-how of your business. You simply cannot think of getting it done by a generalist.
It could be about your new software product or building up your advertising materials.
Where will you find such specialist who could offer you a quality work at an affordable price?

So, in a nutshell here is list of parameters you look into when you start interviewing before you place your order:-

• Quality Writing.

• Style.

• Personality

• Knowledge.

• Experience

• Contacts

• Deadline-Oriented

• Technical Savvy

• Relationship Enabling

• Pricing

In terms of price, if you make a comparative analysis of three popular ghostwriting sites, this is how it figures out:-

Name of the site

Price (for 200 pages)


$ 1,798





Here you see that www.writer4me.com, ghostwriting site based in Kolkata the hub of KPO industry in India, with tons of experience behind them, is offering high-quality services and that too at a price, which is amazingly low.

Statistics say it all!
And no wonder, Alexa has ranked www.writer4me.com as the top most ghostwriting site in the globe in terms of the number of visitors who view it.

Here is the ranking from Alexa as on 13/ 01/ 2008:-

So, why wait? Go for the right one!